Amanee Neirouz, Pastry Chef

Split a dessert? I think not. With Pastry Chef Amanee Neirouz’s wild and delicious creations you’ll be lucky if you can even wait until after dinner. Amanee’s desserts are designed to present flavors, textures and temperatures combined in perfect balance. Blurring the lines between sweet and savory and utilizing ingredients that you would never expect to find in a dessert (think porkskin s’mores), she concludes your dining experience at Tristan with a dramatic crescendo. Originally from Cincinnati, Neirouz trained at the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and moved to the Charleston area in 2005 to take a position at the Sanctuary at Kiawah. In 2007 she joined the staff at Tristan and in 2009, earned the position of Pastry Chef. Since then she has applied her meticulous technique to developing bright, seasonal dessert menus that amplify the fresh products of the season and transform any combination of ingredients into a luscious and decadent treat.

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